Cassia Geller
Travel and lifestyle writer and editor

Cassia Geller

London-born, bred and – until very recently – based, Cassia has edited a number of travel, lifestyle and London-centric magazines and websites: the latest, American Express Travel. (Un)fortunately, she sold the jet-setting dream so well (to herself), she’s taken off around the world ­– writing en route.

Top travel memory: “I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of sunsets, drink a lot of cocktails and sleep beneath a fair few five-star sheets for my job, but my most memorable trip featured none of the above. A poorly planned and totally misjudged five-day hiking trip in Costa Rica – which ended up taking a week and bordering on Tough Mudder-style difficulty– led to scrabbling (on our bums) down crumbling hill-side trails, crawling (on our hands and knees) back up them, crossing deep, fast-moving rivers clutching just a rope, seriously wild camping, a lot of tears, countless collapses and two last, sad meals of dry crackers when our supplies ran out. Beach life it was not, but completing the hike (which, in fairness, ran through a spectacular expanse of jungle) felt like such a momentous achievement I’ve felt able to do almost anything since.”

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