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American Express Travel - Australia - Frequently Asked Question's

How will I know my booking has been confirmed?

Acknowledgment of your booking will be made via an itinerary confirmation email. If you do not receive this email immediately after making your reservation please contact us.

How can I find out what the restrictions are on my booking?

You can access the booking and/or fare rules during the booking process on the select/checkout or confirmation page by selecting view policies. Flights and Hotels may be subject to the following restrictions:

  • Non-refundable - refunds are not permitted.
  • Non-transferable - name changes are not permitted.
  • Non-exchangeable – exchanges/changes are not permitted.
  • Non-re-routable - routing changes are not permitted.
  • Non-upgradeable - upgrading to higher fare types is not permitted.

These conditions are imposed by the Airline and Suppliers and must be strictly adhered to.

Will there be any additional service fees?

There are no credit card fees incurred by using your American Express Card to purchase travel products. American Express does not charge a service fee for making a reservation.

Can I make a booking for someone else?

Card Members, who wish to make a reservation for a third party, should ensure they log in prior to making the reservation. When not logged in and making a booking the Card Member must be part of the travelling party otherwise an Authority to Charge form will need to be completed. This is to protect you against fraudulent transactions.

How will I receive the tickets and vouchers?

Upon confirmation of your booking we will issue an e-ticket. At check in you will be required to produce a valid passport for international flights. For Australian domestic flights you will require valid photographic identification at check in. It is best to take a printout of your confirmation and present this with your ID when you check in.

Hotel, Car and Activity Vouchers
Hotel, car and activity vouchers will be available to print online on completion of the reservation.

For cruises, e-tickets will be issued after final payment has been received. Additionally, an online registration form is required to be completed by most cruise lines prior to release of e-tickets. Please refer to the ‘Cruise Invoice and Confirmation' section of your documentation for full terms and conditions. For a cruise reservation you will require a valid passport with photographic identification at check in. Please note that some domestic departures may require a valid passport.

What time do I need to check in for my flight?

Domestic check-in is approximately 60 minutes prior to departure. International check-in is approximately 90 minutes prior to departure for First & Business class International check-in is approximately 120 minutes prior to departure for Economy class. Failure to check-in at the specified time could result in your entire itinerary being cancelled.

What time do I need to check in for my cruise?

Generally, the check-in and embarkation time is approximately 90 minutes prior to the published sailing departure time for both domestic and international. Therefore we recommend you check in at least 2 hours prior. Please check with your cruise consultant for expedited online check in facilities and any special requirements for specific cruise lines. For international cruises, we recommend that passengers arrive in their city of embarkation a minimum of one day prior to the published departure time to allow for any travel delays. Failure to check-in by the specified time could result in embarkation being denied.

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my booking?

If you need to change or cancel your booking, please contact us.
American Express Travel reserves the right to apply the following service fees for airline bookings, in addition to the airline charges:

a. Amendment Fee
$33.00 per person, per change plus all charges imposed by the airline.

b. Cancellation Fee
$55.00 per person, plus all charges imposed by the airline. American Express does not charge service fees for hotel, car hire and experiences bookings. Airline, cruise or other supplier charges and cancellation fees may apply. Refunds will only be provided by the airline, cruise line or supplier in accordance with their terms and conditions. Refunds can take up to eight weeks to process. We will advise you of any extra charges or fees that will apply to your refund. Refund payments will be made to the original form of payment. Please note for cruises, refunds (where applicable) will be made by cheque, issued by "Our Vacation Centre". There will be no refund of Travel Credit or Membership Rewards points if used as form of payment.

How do I book a mixed class flight or mix and match flights by airline and time?

The search request will always show the lowest airfare and available flight options which meet your requirements. Mixing and matching airlines or classes are not available

How do I select my airplane seat?

If the airline you have booked with allows pre-allocated seating, visit the Airline’s website directly to manage your booking and choose your seat.

What are my flight’s luggage restrictions?

If your itinerary does not provide this information and it was not presented during your booking journey you will need to refer to the airline’s website for further information on checked and restricted baggage policies, fees and quarantine guidelines. Please note baggage size and weight policies vary by airline, booking class and frequent flyer status. Baggage exceeding the allowance may be subject to fees and payment is applicable at time of check in.

How do I book car hire domestically?

Prepaid Car rental in Australia is limited to reservations where the hire car is picked up and returned to an airport location only. The online search must include the pickup and drop off time of the proposed rental period.
For non-airport car hire reservations our travel partner Helloworld will be able to assist you with travel quotes or manual bookings. To reach them, please call 1300 855 492. Please note you cannot use your Travel Credit when booking directly with our travel partner Helloworld.

Where do I add my passport details for my online international booking?

We recommend you facilitate completion of this information via the airline’s online check-in system prior to departure. It is your responsibility to ensure the information is accurate prior to departure.

I am trying to book a flight for tomorrow and I keep receiving an error message, why?

American Express Travel cannot process flights where departure is less than 24 hours from the time the booking is made.

What documentation will I need to travel?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport from return date and any necessary visas along with your tickets/ticket confirmation. Please note that it is imperative that the name on the booking exactly matches the name on the passport. Name changes at a later date will incur a fee and could cause you to be denied boarding. Take a look at our Checklist Page to see what else you might need to travel.

Who is 'Our Vacation Centre'?

Our Vacation Centre Pty Ltd., (ABN: 54 105 542 176, IATA Accredited Agency) is a provider that facilitates all our cruise travel sales and servicing. American Express is only responsible for hosting Cruise content on this website. For all cruise queries please call 1300 883 501, Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:00pm, Sat 7:30am-2:00pm AEST/AEDT.

Can I use Membership Rewards points to pay for my cruise booking?

Yes, cruise bookings can be paid by Membership Rewards points, your American Express Card or a combination of both. Simply select your preferred method of payment on the cruise payment page.

How do I pay with Membership Rewards points?

There is a Membership Rewards points slider on the payment page which you can use to quickly and easily change the amount of points you wish to use for each booking. You have flexibility to pay with your Card, your Membership Rewards points or a combination of the two. A minimum of 1,000 Membership Rewards Points is required, per transaction, when paying for an online travel booking using Membership Rewards Points.

I don't have enough Membership Rewards points for the travel I've selected, what can I do?

Don't worry you may pay using a combination of your Membership Rewards points and payment on your American Express Card.

How do I pay with my Travel Credit?

To view and redeem your Travel Credit you will need to log in to American Express Travel online at Eligible Card Members will see the Travel Credit on the top right of the page. To apply the Travel Credit, select your itinerary and continue to the checkout page, then click ‘Use Travel Credit’ on the payment page to redeem your Travel Credit. For further assistance, please view the ‘How to redeem your Travel Credit’ video available on

When will my Travel Credit expire?

The Travel Credit is issued each anniversary year from when your account was opened, and must be redeemed within the same anniversary year, it cannot be carried forward to any subsequent year. To redeem your Travel Credit, you must have paid your annual Card fee and minimum payment due on your most current statement. To check your Travel Credit expiry date, you will need to log in to American Express Travel online at Eligible Card Members will see the Travel Credit on top right hand side of the screen. Hover your mouse over the Travel Credit to view the expiry date and terms and conditions.

Can I redeem multiple Travel Credits for a single booking?

No, you can only use one Travel Credit per booking.

Can I redeem my Travel Credit for a booking of less than the value of Travel Credit?

Yes. However, the Travel Credit can only be used for one booking so any unused Travel Credit amount will be forfeited. For instance, if you make a booking for $350, you can use your $400 Travel Credit to pay for it but the unused balance of $50 will be forfeited.

What happens if I use my Travel Credit to make a booking, and then cancel that booking?

Unfortunately, the Travel Credit for that anniversary year will be forfeited.

Can I pay airline surcharges and taxes with Membership Rewards points and/or the Travel Credit?

You can choose to use your points or Travel Credit to pay for your travel booked on American Express Travel Online, which may include additional charges such as airline surcharges, taxes and insurance. However, you cannot pay these charges separately using your Membership Rewards points or Travel Credit.

Is there an additional fee or charge for using my Membership Rewards points and/or Travel Credit to book travel?

No, there is no additional fee to redeem points or/and the Travel Credit for travel booked on American Express Travel Online.

Can I use my Membership Rewards points and/or Travel Credit to purchase travel for my family and friends?

Yes, you can use points and/or the Travel Credit to book travel for other people, such as family members or friends, provided the tickets are not for resale, promotional or commercial use. You can view the complete Terms and Conditions of your benefits at

When using Membership Rewards points and/or the Travel Credit for travel, do I have to accompany the person I have booked travel for?

No, you do not have to travel with them.

How do I pay airport taxes and levies when booking?

Any taxes and levies that apply to a flight will be confirmed at the time of booking as these vary according to the departure and arrival airports. These taxes and levies will be included in the price or points value you are quoted when you are booking your travel. Occasionally a tax will be payable at the airport and cannot be included in the prepaid ticket price.

How and when do I pay Government fees, Port Charges and other taxes for my cruise booking?

Any taxes and levies that apply to a cruise will be confirmed at the time of booking as these vary according to the departure and arrival ports. These taxes and levies will be included in the price you are quoted when you are booking your cruise.

What is included in my hotel booking?

Your payment is for the room and where stated, breakfast. Use of all other facilities at hotels may be subject to a fee. In certain cities an Accommodation Tax applies which is payable direct to the hotel.

How close to the date of travel can I book tickets using my Membership Rewards points and/or Travel Credit?

Generally you will be able make a booking up to 24 hours before the date of travel, however for the best availability, book as early as possible.

Can I organise travel insurance?

Yes, American Express Travel Insurance offers a range of comprehensive insurance policies including single trip, annual and family cover.

How do I start earning Membership Rewards Points?

Most American Express cards include complimentary enrolment into the Membership Rewards program and do not require any further action as you already earn Membership Rewards points as soon as you make an eligible spend on your Card. If you hold an American Express Card where enrolment into the Membership Rewards program is optional, enrolling is easy, simply call the Membership Rewards team to enrol by phone or to enrol online, simply go to and click on "Enrol Today". Please contact us to check if your Card is eligible if you are unsure.

How do I access and print my itinerary?

Please go to the Travel homepage and click on the My Bookings tab to view your bookings. You can print your itinerary from here.

Can I book a specific type of bed (e.g. King or Double)?

Yes. The type of hotel rooms available will be displayed and can be selected in the booking process. For cruise bookings, please check with your cruise consultant for available bedding configurations on the specific ship and cabin category selected. Please note that these are requests only and cannot be guaranteed.

Can I make special requests with my hotel room reservation?

Yes. We provide an area in the booking process before you confirm your booking where you can make specific requests i.e. no smoking room. Please note that these are requests only and cannot be guaranteed.

Travelling while pregnant?

Most airlines allow pregnant women to fly until the end of the 35th week for single pregnancies and the end of the 32nd week for multiple births (i.e. twins), whereupon expectant mothers are strictly advised not to fly. After 28 weeks you need to carry a certificate from your doctor or midwife confirming the estimated date of delivery and that there are no complications with your pregnancy. Please also check your travel insurance terms. For cruise bookings, restrictions vary by cruise line. Please check with your cruise consultant. In general terms, travel after 26 weeks is not permitted. If you have any other questions or concerns around this, please contact us.

Can I request special assistance at the airport, on a flight or a cruise line?

Yes. Please contact us and we will be happy to request special assistance. Many cruise ships have a limited number of wheelchair accessible cabins. Please check with your cruise consultant regarding your specific requirements.

What are cruise line 'onboard gratuities' and when are they required to be paid?

On many cruise lines it is customary to pay gratuities (also known as service charges or tips) to staff members as part of their service. For your convenience many cruise lines add the gratuities into the cruise fare at time of booking. If you have any queries, please contact your cruise consultant.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have an issue with a travel provider whilst travelling, we would advise you to speak directly with the travel provider (airline, cruise line, hotel or car rental company). If you have a complaint post-holiday, please contact us.

Who do I contact if I am having problems booking online?

Please contact us for assistance by going to the Travel homepage and click on the "Travel Support" link for our contact details.

Do you pass on or disclose my personal information to Third Parties?

Yes – as required for your travel booking. For more information on how we use your personal information, please view our Privacy Statement here.