North America

Even viewed from space, North America is vast, occupying nearly five percent of the world’s surface. If you’re undecided where to travel in this continent, simply pick an influence to narrow your choices. In the United States, the unofficial Spanish Belt (aka Sun Belt) offers immersion in Hispanic culture and flavours, with the added bonus of Indian Summers. While in parts, New England, Bermuda and British Columbia, can feel even more British than Britain.

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Montreal’s North American skyline of skyscrapers leaves the old city of European influenced spires and monuments in its shadows. This is Canada’s second largest city, and interestingly, it is also the world’s... More


They say that from the top of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower (currently the world’s tallest freestanding structure), you can occasionally glimpse Niagara Falls, some 100 kilometers away. Feast on the view, dine in the almost...More


Vancouverites are justifiably proud of their beautiful city, even of the fact that the term ‘Skid Row’ originated here in the 1800s. Today, Vancouver is regularly cited as the world’s most ‘liveable’ city. Within or just...More



The original millionaires’ playground, Acapulco is shrugging off competition from upstart Cancun to retain its place as one of Mexico’s premier destinations. Your first day here will tell you why – spectacular...More


Developed as a resort in 1970, Cancun has undergone a remarkable transformation from fisherman’s island surrounded by forest, to an internationally renowned resort to rival Acapulco. With over 150...More

Mexico City

If you’re looking for a city which offers you more, you’re looking at Mexico City. The number of museums and attractions alone is unrivalled by any other city in the world. From Museo Nacional de Antropología, to...More

Puerto Vallarta

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect Pacific sunset and chances are it’ll look like one of Puerto Vallarta’s. With margarita in hand, savour the view from the beaches at Los Muertos or Conchas Chinas, or head...More



Anyone who says the US lacks history hasn’t been to Boston. It’s everywhere you look in the state capital of Massachusetts, from Paul Revere’s imposing house to the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest...More


At the last count there were no fewer than 277 songs called or about Chicago. If your cultural predilictions veer towards the musical, then Chicago is your kinda town. Even if you’re unmoved by the best in jazz...More


Think of Houston and the acronym NASA springs to mind, but there’s a lot more to the USA’s fourth largest city than rocket ships and space exploration. Its theatre district rivals New York’s while...More

Las Vegas

Rising up out of the harsh Mojave Desert, this glittering, flamboyant shrine to gambling and excess is an experience you’ll never forget. It will come as no surprise that the major attractions are the...More

Los Angeles

The ‘City of Angels’ is a sprawling metropolis nestled in between desert, mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Made famous as the home of Hollywood, it’s both familiar and exotic at the same time.Head for...More


Once down-at-heel, Miami is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. With its palm-lined streets, colourful 1930s architecture and glorious beaches, it’s a city that captivates you with its love...More

New York

For a flavour of the real New York, head to the Empire State Building and other main landmarks early, when it’s quiet, then spend the rest of the day doing what New Yorkers do. Find a deli, preferably at rush hour...More


One of the most visited holiday destinations in the world with its vast choice of theme parks including Walt Disney World (with its seven individual parks), Universal Orlando Resort, Seaworld Orlando and many...More

San Antonio

Remember the Alamo? They do here. It remains San Antonio’s most popular attraction and for good reason. To avoid the crowds, aim to get there early on a weekday. The Mexican influence is naturally very strong in...More

San Diego

The cliché ‘something for everyone’ could have been coined specifically for San Diego. It boasts SeaWorld and perhaps the finest zoo in the world, great beaches, myriad opportunities for sports enthusiasts, big...More

San Francisco

Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Haight-Ashbury…all worth a visit, but by no means the only attractions in this small but amazingly varied city. Check out Defenestration on 6th and Howard, in which a variety...More

Washington DC

Unsurprisingly, many of the US capital’s principle attractions are historical, commercial or political in nature. We liked Ford’s Theatre, the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol Building. If you’re a news junkie...More

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