From the glamorous French Riviera to the remote wilds of Scotland, Europe encompasses a huge breadth of culture, scenery and activities - all within easy reach. Winter and summer sports, historic monuments, idyllic beaches, art, food, architecture, fashion… the question is, where do you start? Our city guide is here to take you through some of the many, many options.

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The beauty of Copenhagen, apart from its pretty waterways and harbour, is the fact it’s very walkable. The historic Strøget is actually the world’s largest pedestrianised area (great for shopping), then there’s the Tivoli pleasure park...More



With its picture-perfect medieval town centre (one of the best-preserved in Europe), Tallinn is an often-overlooked gem. The cobbled streets are great to explore (bring comfortable shoes) while you seek out the ornate churches...More



Finland’s half a million-strong capital often feels more like a village. Finns love classical culture, reflected in the many museums, concert halls and period buildings, but are also a driving force...More



Put on your dark glasses…you’re a movie star. Nice is the gateway to the glamorous Côte d’Azur, where people come for the sun and pretend not to watch the beautiful people who are watching them. Whether sipping a beachside aperitif...More


Paris is known for romance, but world-famous landmarks aside, the real magic of the city lies in the little places you discover for yourself. Start by working out which Quarter will be your base – historic Ile St-Louis...More



In spite of its central geography and capital status, Berlin has always had its heart on the fringes. Unlike most European cities, there’s no distinct centre, although the Mitte district hosts the main historic sites...More


At first Düsseldorf seems all business (banking, advertising and telcoms have made it one of Germany’s wealthiest cities). But spend a few hours bar-hopping around the Altstadt, the historical quarter along the Rhine...More


Germany’s second-largest city is, character-wise, very much its own person. A ‘free city’ since the 1500s, Hamburg’s trading links often proved stronger than its inland loyalties, creating the balance of creativity and commerce...More


Frankfurt, or Frankfurt am Main, due to its location on the banks of the Main River, is the financial centre of Germany and hosts many large trade fairs, like the world’s largest motor show and the Frankfurt Book Fair...More


Surrounded by picture-book scenery and rightly famous for beer (and more beer), Munich is clean and well laid-out, with a charming Aldstadt that’s easy to explore. Look past the well-groomed exterior and you’ll find treasures...More



With its cosmopolitan heritage and sumptuous architecture, Budapest has the romantic, old-world feel of Paris or Prague. But don’t be fooled - its spirit is proudly Hungarian (don’t clink beer glasses – it’s what the Prussians did)....More



You can lose yourself in Florence. Not least because, in this enigmatic city, the name of the street you’re meandering down can change by the time you arrive at the other end. You can find yourself here, too...More


If style were the decider, Milan would be the capital of Italy - perhaps even the world. After all, where else do you find so many of the planet’s most prestigious fashion houses side by side, than in Milan’s quadrilatero...More


It’s not surprising all roads lead to Rome (or ‘Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam’ as the Romans said). We could fill a thousand pages with nuggets about Rome’s archeological sites. There’s the Colosseum...More


Funny how those who’ve never been to Venice always sigh, and tell you how much they’d love to go. Then, there are those lucky enough to have been born in Venice, some responsible for its deserved reputation...More


Monte Carlo

Monaco offers you the opportunity to see an entire country in the space of a weekend (only one country, Vatican City, is smaller). Make it a long weekend, and see Nice into the bargain. Monaco? Bargain? Of course....More

The Netherlands


Amsterdam makes the perfect romantic getaway. Not least because Schiphol is one of the few airports in the world where you can get married, then enjoy a flying Reception on board a 1930s Dakota. There’s no better....More



The UN consistently names Norway as the world's best place to live. So it goes without saying it’s a great place to visit, too. Unlike in many capital cities, Oslo’s city centre is the perfect size to explore on foot....More



Moscow boasts more billionaires than Monaco, or any city on earth for that matter. As a result, playgrounds abound. As well as being one of the most difficult to pronounce, Tret’yakovskiy proezd is the most expensive....More



There are conflicting accounts about who founded Barcelona. Some say Hercules was responsible. Others claim it was Hannibal’s father, the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca. Even today, you can witness Barcelona’s history...More


The word Madrid comes from the Arabic ‘magerit’, which means ‘many streams’. Perhaps this explains why it’s officially one of the greenest cities in Europe. In fact, Madrid offers the most extensive network of parks...More


These days, as much as for sun lovers, Malaga is the destination for art lovers. Two of Spain’s most celebrated artists were born here. Painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, whose museum in the Plaza de la Merced is...More


You may know Mallorca as Majorca. Or, if you don’t know it at all, now’s the time to become acquainted with an island of such charm, it’s not surprising it has been fought over so many times. It’s the biggest of the Balearic...More


Tenerife’s ancient first inhabitants, the Guanches, dressed in hides and lived in caves. Today, bikinis and five-star hotels are de rigeur, but there are some sights still visible now, which were there in 200 BC...More



This sunny coastal city is Sweden’s second largest – with plenty of green space and interesting heritage sites. Kungsportsavenyn, the main boulevard, is where you’ll find the Gothenburg Museum of Art...More


Known as the ‘City of Parks’, Malmo lies in the south of Sweden, just across the water from Copenhagen – only 35 minutes away in fact. With more restaurants per capita than any other Swedish city, eating out...More


MSpread over 14 islands, the capital of Sweden is sometimes known as the Venice of the North. Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to see this fascinating city is by boat. The city’s oldest section “Gamla Stan”...More



Close to Lake Geneva and flanked by the Savoy Alps, this famously glamorous Swiss city, packed with exclusive shops and eateries, is it’s the ideal place to enjoy the high life. For a different type of altitude...More



Stunningly located on a steep cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, Antalya is a picturesque and historic city surrounded by mountains and often referred to as the gateway to the Turkish Riviera...More


The only city in the world that spans two continents, Istanbul’s history goes back many centuries, with a mix of East and West that seems very modern...More

United Kingdom


Edinburgh, with its dramatic history, striking architecture and wild, craggy setting has a drama all its own, attracting millions every year with its romantic literary heritage and fairy-tale castle...More


A city where grand spectacle meets simple pleasures, London is impressive, but surprisingly easy to tap into. From the landmarks of Westminster (hello Royal Wedding) to leafy Hyde Park, designer shopping in Bond Street...More

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