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1 Ajia Hotel

205 reviews
  • Cubuklu Caddesi No.27 Kanlica,
  • Istanbul, 80200 TR
  • Address:
  • Ajia Hotel
  • Cubuklu Caddesi No.27 Kanlica
  • Istanbul, 80200 TR


Central Location And Sightseeing Cultural Visits Wine Cellar Restaurant And Bar And Lounge.Waterfront restaurant serving high-class Mediterranean-style food inside or out.Stylish terrace bar serving international wines beers and cocktails.24-hour room service.Free wireless internet access throughout the hotel.LCD TVs - with access to 324 channels-and goodie-stocked mini bars in all rooms.

Hotel Amenities

  • Bar/Lounge onsite
  • Business centre
  • Continental meal plan
  • Parking
  • Meeting rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Room service

  • Ajia Restaurant
  • Ajia Bar
Terms & Conditions: Special offers and rates, travel dates and advance reservation requirements vary. Rates may vary depending on travel dates. Blackout dates and other significant restrictions may apply.
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