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1 Hotel De Rome

316 reviews
  • Via del Colosseo, 72 37 A,
  • ROMA, 00184 IT
  • Address:
  • Hotel De Rome
  • Via del Colosseo, 72 37 A
  • ROMA, 00184 IT


This stylish hotel enjoys a central location in Rome, offering an ideal base to explore the city and its main attractions, such as the famous Colosseum or the Roman Forum. Travellers can also find many restaurants, bars and trendy boutiques in the surrounding area. Public transport links are available within walking distance. The airport is about 25-minute rode away. The hotel's dining room serves a delicious international breakfast buffet every morning. The rooms present a bright contemporary decoration with vibrant colours and elegant furniture, where guests may relax and feel at ease after a busy day of sightseeing.

Hotel Amenities

  • Continental meal plan
  • Handicap Facilities
  • Internet
  • Room service
  • Smoke-free

Room Amenities

  • Internet Broadband
  • Internet Wireless

Special Notices

Due to local government measures and guidelines put in place by individual hotels to protect travellers through social distancing measures, it is likely that guests may find that facilities normally available at the hotel, for example the swimming pool, gym area, or buffet halls.
Terms & Conditions: Special offers and rates, travel dates and advance reservation requirements vary. Rates may vary depending on travel dates. Blackout dates and other significant restrictions may apply.
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